Adrain Rogers

Adrian Rogers

Adrian P. Rogers (September 12, 1931, West Palm Beach, Florida – November 15, 2005, Memphis, Tennessee) – He was the president of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1979 and 1986-87, and a renowned pastor. Rogers was pastor of the 28,000 member Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN from 1973 to March 2005, when he retired. Membership grew from 9,000 to 29,000. He was considered a key figure in the conservative takeover of the SBC, which has been drifting left for several years. He married Joyce Gentry on September 2, 1951. He pastored three churches in Florida and one in Mississippi between 1951and 1972. He moved to Bellevue in 1973 from FBC, Merritt Island, FL where he pastored from 1964-72. He conducted crusades in Taiwan, South Korea, Israel, Russia, Romania, and Central and South America. Rogers was considered one of the great preachers of his generation. His Love Worth Finding broadcast aired on 2,000 radio stations.
The Crown College, The Christian Heritage Center, Powell, TN